Seasons Changing. Stay Healthy

It’s that time of year when the colder weather is turning warmer, and signs of spring are all around us.

The days are longer, the grass is greener, and the flowers and birds are starting to show up more frequently. This is a time of year when most of us feel energized and excited to spend more time outside.

But it’s also a time when some of us are laid low with colds and other change-of-season illnesses.

The good news is you can stay healthy during the change of seasons. It just takes a little bit of knowledge about how to best take care of yourself.

Following the five tips below should ensure that you enjoy the spring without the sniffles!

Wash your hands frequently.

While it’s a good idea to practice good hand sanitation all times of the year, it’s particularly important during times of year when colds and other illnesses are more rampant.

Take your vitamins.

Vitamin A boosts the production of cells that fight nasty colds and virus, and has been proven to reduce your cold risk by 33 percent. The bioflavonoids and vitamin C found in citrus fruits such as oranges have been show to reduce the risk of cold by up to 85 percent.

Get adequate sleep.

Getting enough sleep boosts your immune system and helps support the antibodies that fight off illness. In addition to getting at least 8 hours a night, include a couple of naps a week for extra insurance.

Drink tea.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer black or green, both of these herbal teas have been shown to boost the immune system proteins that help us stay healthy.

Most Importantly, Keep up with your martial arts training!