Introducing the Internationally Acclaimed Ground SKILLZ Program – Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu!

Children are like sponges, they absorb everything they see and hear. It is absolutely vital to surround them with a positive atmosphere so they can advance and develop at an exceptional rate. Unlike other traditional Martial Arts programs that focus on striking, Brazilian Jiujitsu focuses on self defense and ground techniques, and how to gain control of a much larger opponent with out having to hit them. Children also gain confidence through their training by gaining positive reinforcement from partners. Aside from gaining confidence, kids learn true team work by having to work with other kids. Emotion and Social skills ultimately skyrocket and your child develops an advantage over other children who do not train in Brazilian Jiujitsu, as well as having the upper hand against bullies.

By understanding the the most effective fundamentals of Brazilian Jiujitsu, we were able to select 8 age appropriate skills that make up the Ground SKILLZ Program:


We cover one of the above skills per class (in order). During each class we run a warm-up; deliver a mat chat about the skill; run two or three skill-building drills; and then we have them demonstrate the skill to earn their skill-stripe. They must earn all 8 skill-stripes in order to graduate to the next belt level. Once they earn their next belt they will continue to run through all 8 skills earning their skill-stripes with more challenging curriculum as they advance to each rank. 

Here is an example of what a white belt must demonstrate for each of the 8 skills above in order to earn their next belt:

1. AGILITY: Switching their hips and changing position. They must be able to move their hips to set up sweeps, regain position and counter movements, without making a mistake or looking sloppy in order to pass.

2. MOMENTUM: Movement is essential in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Students must demonstrate proper movements from technique to technique, and position to position all while maintaining proper form.

3. CONTROL: Gaining position or “the upper hand” is momentary, controlling and maintaining a dominant position ultimately controls the fight. Students must demonstrate dominant positioning and maintain those position with out allowing their partner to escape.

4. TEAMWORK: Brazilian Jiujitsu utilizes partners on a regular basis. Being a good partner is a must. Students must demonstrate respect when working with a partner.

5. TECHNIQUE: Demonstrating the proper hand placement, and step by step process to execute various techniques from memory. They must show the proper placement/movements and ending positions for all of the moves in order to pass.

6. PERSEVERANCE: Facing different size partners can be intimidating. Students must be able to demonstrate and execute techniques on partners of all sizes in order to pass.

7. FOCUS: Compounding attacks on top of other attacks, or escapes to reposition to setting up attacks requires focus. Students must be able to demonstrate “stacking” and thread movements together with fluidity.

8. POSITION: Students must demonstrate the various positions of Brazilian Jiujitsu, and adequately execute them effectively on various partners.

As you can see, we take Martial Arts training to a whole new level! We use core elements of traditional Martial Arts curriculums to build skills that are appropriate for optimal development and comprehension. This means that your child will learn and grow at a pace that is not too easy, nor too challenging. The best part is the Ground SKILLZ program will equip your child with skills that they will utilize in every area of their life!