Kids Martial Arts Classes

Our Age Specific classes are FUN, EXCITING and most importantly, THEY EQUIP KIDS WITH THE TOOLS NEEDED TO BE EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL BOTH IN SCHOOL AND IN LIFE! With an age specific, comprehensive approach to martial arts, your child will now be able to maximize their potential on the mats in a learning environment that is relevant to their development! Our action-packed curriculum help’s kids build skills that they can apply into every area of their lives. Meaning kids 3 and up have a blast while learning valuable skills that enable them to be the best they can possibly be. Give your child the head start they deserve, and find out why thousands of families choose Champions Martial Arts Center when searching for Children’s Martial Arts in Puyallup.

Brazilian Jiujitsu Classes

We’re dedicated to your success and focused on helping you achieve ALL of your goals. With our age specific, comprehensive approach to Brazilian Jiujitsu, nobody goes unnoticed and everyone’s potential is truly maximized. Whether you’re a mom looking for an activity for your child, or you’re in your 40’s looking to expand your knowledge, you’ll feel apart of the family, right away. Our world class instructors are here to help you along your journey and provide a one of a kind experience that can not be matched. Find out why so many families trust Champions Martial Arts Center, as Puyallup’s Premiere choice for Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Amazing Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Parties are FAST PACED, SUPER FUN and something your child will NEVER FORGET! All you have to do is bring the kids and cake and we provide EVERYTHING else! Whether your child wants to party with Spiderman or have the perfect princess party, we can theme out any celebration and create the most memorable day for your child. What sets us apart isn’t the birthday party structure, but the ONE OF A KIND EXPERIENCE we provide. From the birthday boards to your child having the opportunity to be a black belt for the day, to the life lessons every participant will gain, we assure you that the most anticipated day of the year, will be the BEST day of the year, that being your child’s birthday.

The Premiere Puyallup Martial Arts facility, Champions Martial Arts Center has been changing lives one person at a time through martial arts, fitness, education and coaching. We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and family friendly atmosphere for individuals to achieve, develop and succeed in their personal goals.
At Champions Martial Arts Center we believe that Martial Arts can be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience levels. Through our age specific programs, you will not only learn the necessary techniques and fundamentals needed to protect yourself, but through our realistic and practical approach, no obstacle can stand in your way.
We’ve been serving the families of Puyallup for the past 10 YEARS!
Come find out why 1000’s of family’s just like yours, trust Champions Martial Arts Center as the BEST choice for their family’s success.

See What Parents Are Saying About Our Program

“They work with the whole child. They build their skills in Martial Arts, plus make sure they are good citizens at home AND in school!” – Beth (mom of 2)
“My son and husband absolutely LOVE this gym! The energy and experience is better than anywhere else!” – Bekki (mom of 1)
“The life skills my son is learning through martial arts are building much needed character! Thank you Master Shields for caring about the kids in the community!” – Olivia (mom of 2)
“Truly amazing instructors. The interaction and instruction is second none!” – Chris (dad of 2)
“My son Christian is SOOO happy with Champions Martial Arts, and so am I! Absolutely love it!” – Amanda (mom of 3)
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